Artist Feature: Cat’s Eyes

Published on February 12th, 2012

Cat’s Eyes are storytellers, a rock n’ roll band featuring Faris Badwan of The Horrors and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira. They sing about something, or someone. The subject matter and tone of their music differs from song to song, lending to Cat’s Eyes music versatility, depth, and range. They are also very honest. The music of Cat’s Eyes comes from a place of truth, and that truth can be simultaneously cathartic and liberating. “Face in the Crowd,” for instance, is about being the “other” man or woman in a relationship, and either not knowing it or not believing it. On the surface, this song would appear to be upbeat. It is certainly a very catchy tune. If listeners weren’t paying attention to the lyrics, they might think that this song is about something else, something positive perhaps, something good. Dig beneath the surface of this tune, beneath the layers of Faris Badwan’s rich, deep vocals, and past Rachel Zeffira’s soothing, angelic singing, and listeners will find that appearances can be deceptive, that beauty lies. “Don’t try to tell me you’re the only one,” the song goes, “You’re not anyone at all.”

“Love You Anyway” is a heartbreaker. “Wherever you are,” Rachel Zeffira sings, “It’s best I don’t say that I love you anyway.” This track is piano heavy track and features Rachel Zeffira’s vocals in the foreground. The speaker in this song acknowledges the reality of her situation that she is in love with somebody who doesn’t feel the same way. She recognizes the truth that her love will not be reciprocated by the man she is in love with. Even though she is forced to change, her love for him will remain the same.

There is another song by Cat’s Eyes called, “Over You.” As the name of this song suggests, this track is about moving on and getting “over” someone. “Love You Anyway” and “Over You” are good songs to listen to side-by-side, as both play off similar themes, and in many ways, have similar speakers.

Then, there is “Best Person I Know.” If “Face in the Crowd” is Cat’s Eyes at their darkest, then “Best Person I Know” is Cat’s Eyes at their most optimistic and positive. The speaker in this song is not afraid to get their hopes up, because the speaker’s dreams and desires and passions will be fulfilled. In terms of professing love for another individual, the speaker in this song by Cat’s Eyes is being brutally honest. In this song, Cat’s Eyes sing, “All my best times are with you.” “Best Person I Know” is the kind of song that listeners may wish they had listened to sooner, but also, that they had written it for the best person they know themselves.

Cat’s Eyes are able to show listeners the power music has in making certain situations in life better. Cat’s Eyes touch upon experiences that might very well make listeners feel less lonely by demonstrating that they are not alone in what they are experiencing and that others have gone through something similar. That alone might be enough to help listeners make it through these situations, and also, help prepare for and make the most of certain special moments. The source of that power lies in the ability for Cat’s Eyes to be honest. Cat’s Eyes are committed to the truth.

Cat’s Eyes makes the case that, as a band, it has the potential to be more than just a side-project for Faris Badwan and Rachel Zeffira. At the same time, Cat’s Eyes honors the other work of these two artists.


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