Artist Feature: Andi Kristins

Published on June 18th, 2012

Over the course of twenty-three years, Icelandic musician Andi Kristins has lived all over the world, from Kenya and Japan, to Pakistan and Zimbabwe. It should come as no surprise then that her music exudes the influence of the diverse cultures she has experienced. Distant lands and far off people have found their way onto Magic, the new EP from Kristins. Icelandic culture in particular held a formative influence. “I love the music scene in Iceland,” says Kristins. “But more than anything, I’m inspired by the country itself. It’s absolutely magical.”

Magic begins with “Magic.” Described by the artist as a “lusty” song, “Magic” is a call to arms, a push to act on desires. “Kiss that mouth worth dying for,” the song commands. The song also speaks of satisfaction. “You do me right,” sings Kristins. “You do me good. You do me like I hoped you would.”

The second track, “Snake,” is heavy on beats and vocals. “Snake” is a party song, a track to be played in a communal setting. It is intense. Andi Kristins sings, “Shed your skin, change your name…I will find you, I will spot you in a crowd.” There is a fire burning in this young artist, and when she sings, that fire spreads.

Then there’s “Afghanistan.” While it’s a hard and heavy song, it’s also groovy. Lyrically, it is extremely erotic. It may shock listeners when they hear the linguistic riffing in this track. “Make me sweat, make me scream, the secret things that we all need, you’re cool like the Russian border, you’re hot like Afghanistan.” The song is very provocative.

Andi Kristins is a classically trained musician who uses her abilities to lay a foundation for an electronic-pop wall of sound. “I utilize a lot of the dramatic structures I discovered in classical music,” she says. “It’s like my backbone.” The result is an EP with musical genre bending and annihilation. Kristins certainly understands the conventions of classical and contemporary electronic music, and she uses this to audibly create a spine for herself. Armed with this, she is also able to create music that goes against the established order of conventions, producing a sound that is simultaneously familiar and distinctly hers alone.

Andi Kristins is currently writing and recording new material, and is also planning to tour both NYC and Iceland in the fall. Below, check out her music video for “Magic.”


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