Published on November th, 2010

The New Philadelphia‘s story is one of international mystery and intrigue, as well as some hyperbole. In 2010, a Montreal-dwelling Claire Fishkow started a music blog called The New Montreal. A few of her good friends quickly joined her, including TNM’s current editor Mike Beitcher, and a shared love for music allowed the site to take off.

Eventually it was time for Claire to return to her hometown of Philadelphia, but this was only the beginning. She teamed up with a talented musician and audiophile named Aaron Kessler to form TNP. Together, Claire and Aaron assembled a top-notch team of writers, photographers, artists, and music enthusiasts, and ‘The New Family’ has since expanded to Halifax and Toronto, bringing new music, concert coverage, interviews, and more to its readers.


Claire Fishkow

Mike Beitcher

Aaron Kessler


Ali Bennett
Andre Cofield
Daniel Wolner
David Fieman
Doug Menagh
Elyse Gollomp
Kyle DiRaddo
Lauren Stieff
Piotr Bednarczyk
Sammy Syphe
Tyler Persons


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