A-Trak, Mark Foster and Kimbra – Warrior (Converse)

Published on April 10th, 2012

Three more artists have ganged up to bring us another phenomenal track and video entitled “Warrior” and the timing could not be better. Last February, we covered a cooperative track put together by Converse for their Three Artists – One Song series, featuring the Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy on “Doyathang”. Most recently DJ Hero A-Trak, Mr. Mark “Pumped-Up-Kicks” Foster and my personal favorite muse, Kimbra, worked almost entirely over the internet to produce this catchy lo-fi tune and Lucha Libre themed video.

More artists should jump on the collaboration format because it is always interesting to hear artists meld their styles, and its great cross promotion between their fan bases. And anything with Kimbra’s voice on it is gold in my opinion. As well, Kimbra gave us a very informative post on her blog about the making of the song and video if you would like to check that out here. Although this creative venture is ultimately based in brand promotion for the shoe company, we should take it with a grain of salt and appreciate that the artists were allowed the opportunity to create something that otherwise would not be possible. Plus we all know Converse shoes and can get over a couple seconds of shoe footage.

So enjoy the well crafted video and free download of the track!

Hopefully Converse continues to hit us up with their crazy collusions.


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