New song from Andi Kristins

Published on February 14th, 2013

“Just Like I Want To” is a love song by multi-instrumentalist Andi Kristins. It’s no coincidence that she is releasing her latest tune on Valentine’s Day.

“In Icelandic there is no ‘falling in love,’” said Andi, who hails from Iceland. “It’s to become full of love.” There is an ambient quality in “Just Like I Want To.” In the song, Andi threads an eclectic mix of sounds with electronic, reggae, and funk elements to create a sonic coexistence under her command. There many different instruments such as chimes, harps, organs, and synths found in the song. Regardless, all are enhanced and ultimately held together by Andi’s layered vocals and orchestration.

The new track is atmospheric, spacey, and oceanic. It’s a tranquil song, especially in the beginning. But there is also sonic and lyrical conflict, much like there is no love without struggle. The tension is especially apparent in the percussion. At first, the percussion is limited to soft beats. Then, there is a progression to a heavier drum kick. Then, at about the halfway point to the song, comes the breakdown, followed by an even tighter reassembly of this love song’s original parts than before in the beginning.

Andi reminds listeners that love is not about playing it safe, singing how “it is easy to walk away.” Later on, Andi sings, “It’s easy to get down, look down, and fall to pieces, but I don’t see that with you” and “It’s easy mess around, crumble down, fall face down, but I don’t see that with you.” “Love is supernatural,” Andi told TNP. “Love is a magical feeling you have to trust and believe.” Even while love puts the mind at ease, creating a lightness of being, love does not exist without certain obstacles to overcome. “It’s beautiful, wonderful, and extraordinary what it can lead you to do and feel,” said Andi. “But if you can face the fear inside yourself, you’ll get the greatest gift.”


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